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The ChurchFIT Toolkit

This toolkit will give you all the forms you will need to run your own successful ChurchFIT program.  Should you have any questions regarding any of the information below, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ChurchFIT International - Resetting the Way We Think About Health!

ChurchFIT Waiver

This is your participation waiver, individuals would need to read and sign something similar to this in-order to participate in your program.

Healthy Living Tips

It’s important to provide information to your participants on maintaining a healthy  lifestyle.  This is a great starter sheet to eating right and staying fit.

Beginner Workout

This is a workout program that is intended for an individual who is unaccustomed to exercise, or who has not exercised in a long time.

Food Target

To maintain a healthy diet, what essentials foods do you need? This chart will help guide your participants in making the right food choices.


Example Newsletter

Keep your participants informed with a regular newsletter containing their weekly challenges, group information, upcoming events, classes and more.

KidzFIT Curriculum

Here is a sample of what your KidzFIT curriculum should look like including, information on childhood obesity, the KidzFit chant and more.